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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get wet in a sound bath?

No. If a “sound bath” makes you think of sitting in warm water as gentle music plays, think again. A sound bath is a relaxation and meditative practice – where you are ‘bathed’ in healing sound waves. It harnesses a combination of specific vibrations and frequencies. It can activate your body’s natural healing systems and assist all health conditions, including high blood pressure, anxiety, and digestive problems, to name a few.

Does sound healing require a belief system to work?

Having a specific belief system is unnecessary to receive the benefits of sound therapy. The therapeutic principles of sound therapy are based on physics and biological principles. They are felt by anyone who is exposed to sound frequencies. However, keeping an open mind, being open to receiving healing, and being eager to explore new things can improve the sound healing experience. This is especially relevant when dealing with non-physical difficulties.

To summarize, sound healing is a potent and effective therapy that can be utilized to improve physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The benefits of sound healing are numerous and varied. Understanding the fundamentals of sound therapy and adopting it into your self-care regimen allows you to harness the power of sound and vibration to create healing and harmony in your life

What do I bring?

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Sound healing typically involves lying down or sitting in a comfortable position for an extended period. It’s essential to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and breathe easily.

For individual sessions, you do not need to bring any additional materials as a zero gravity chair and or matt will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own matt if preferred. 

If you are part of a group sound bath, bring a yoga mat, blanket, and anything that makes you feel comfortable.

What to Expect?

Be Open to the Experience

Sound healing is a powerful practice that can profoundly affect your mind and body. It’s essential to approach the experience with an open mind and a willingness to let go of any preconceived notions or expectations.

Relax and Let Go!

During a sound healing session, relax and let go of any tension or stress in your body, and allow the sounds and vibrations to work their magic.

Focus on Your Breath

Focusing on your breath can help to deepen your relaxation and enhance the effects of sound healing. Take deep, slow breaths, and allow the sound vibrations to resonate throughout your body.